Publicity out!

Publicity out!

Here at Heartbreak, we are very lovely and provide overprinted flyers, A3 and A4 posters and banners to all our venues. Organising this, from the initial design ideas to the final delivery day takes 3 months from January to Easter and takes over the first quarter of the Heartbreak year.

Here is a little glimpse into what we call The Packing Days…

Over 200 boxes containing thousands of flyers and posters and hundreds of banners arrived at Heartbreak HQ this week and it’s the beginning of a mammoth task – ensuring that the correct items get to the correct place. This calls for one person, the administrative genius of Julia Donaghue!


publicity in hall

Julia checks off that all we ordered has arrived



First, we’ve got to check that what we’ve been sent from the printers is all present and correct. (It always is, thanks Emmersons!) Then the boxes are sorted into alphabetical order. Then the right number of posters and banners (depending on what each venue requested) are put with each box.


posters in boxes

Opening up the posters to put in with the boxes of flyers


In the office, Julia meticulously enters the addresses on the courier website and prints off a label for every single piece.

These then get passed to a crack team of helpers who go sticker mad, making sure that each piece has the correct delivery sticker on it.

Now for the muscle work! When the courier comes to collect, it’s all hands on deck taking 200 heavy boxes down the stairs and out into the courier’s van.


publicity done!

We’ve finished! Girl Power.


This whole process takes a full 2 days to complete and we are all mighty pleased when we wave the van out of Spencer Yard and onto the open road… It’s very exciting to think that tomorrow is the pinacle of a lengthy design process and our flyers, posters and banners will be displayed in cities, towns and villages across the whole of the UK. Let us know where you spot one! A lot of hard work has gone into getting them there!

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