Work with us

Current Vacancies


We have no administration vacancies at the moment but if you would like to volunteer as a steward or get involved, please do get in touch.  To find out more, email Emily, with the city you are interested in as the subject line or call 01926 430307 for a chat.



Please post a CV and cover letter in January. Auditions are held in February. Only postal applications will be accepted at this time.


For more details contact:
Maddy Kerr /  01926 430307



Directors, designers, musicians… if you are interested in working with us in any of these capacities, we would be delighted to hear from you.


For more details contact:
Maddy Kerr  / 01926 430307


Work Experience

Heartbreak are pleased to offer work experience to local students.


The work offered depends very much upon the time of year you are looking to be placed with Autumn/Winter tending to be administrative and Spring/Summer focussed on the artistic/marketing side of our work.


For more details contact:
The team / 01926 430307



Ushering/Stewarding vacancies are available during our tours at Leamington Spa, Sheffield, Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds venues.  In exchange for your time we offer free tickets for those who can help.


For more details contact:
The team  / 01926 430307