Here we go in 2015!

Things have been quiet here on the Heartbreak Productions front for the past few months as we review the highs...

Things have been quiet here on the Heartbreak Productions front for the past few months as we review the highs and lows of 2014 but we’re back – refreshed (tired) and rejuvenated (exhausted) after a relaxing (stupidly busy) Christmas break with our families.


Time to slap ourselves gently on the cheeks, have a cold shower and do some motivational star jumps as we kickstart organising the 2015 tour. Personally speaking, this is my second tour working as the Marketing and Communications Officer for Heartbreak Productions and yes I learnt A LOT splashing around at the metaphorical deep end last year… yet I’m still not super-confident that I know what I’m doing running the ads, press, customer relations, branding, marketing and promotion of 100+ tour dates around the country.


Too honest?


Does anyone know what they’re doing, really? In life?


Too deep?


And hey, maybe it’s just the time of year. For me, January has always been the month which equates to the 6:30-8am time of day – stumbling out of bed, rubbing my bleary eyes, mumbling nonsense and putting the kettle on – slowly coming round to the idea of being productive, fighting the urge to go back to bed. I’m not a morning person, can you tell?…


And if my boss is reading this, I am totally on it!


So, enough rambling, what are we actually up to in the Heartbreak office at the moment? Well, we’re recruiting freelance composers, a production manager and a graphic designer, inputting all the tour dates, writing contracts, updating the website with new copy and images, writing the copy and sourcing the images and getting ready for a new website come to think of it… sending marketing packs to venues, coming up with a detailed marketing strategy for the year and reassessing the Heartbreak branding. Fun times! Lots of new and exciting things happening. Lots of learning going on and only 20 WEEKS until opening night. GULP. YIKES. ETC.


Heartbreak’s line up this year is cracking: Our family show is a brand new, exclusive adaptation of David Walliams’ Mr Stink. The “classic” is Austen’sEmma, which many view as Austen’s best and last but not least, Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost – flirty, fun and set in the 1920’s, huzzah!


All fingers, toes and eyes crossed for a fabulous (hectic), challenging (stressful) and successful year ahead.


Oh and this little snippet made us beam…




Big thanks to Peter’s (Artistic Director) Dad for cutting it out of The Daily Telegraph, scanning it in and sending it on. Big thanks to Mr. Brien for taking the time to write in.


That’s right – The Daily Telegraph! Chuffed to bits, we are. Right chuffed.


Tour dates will be up on the website in February and available to buy from Easter.


Right, enough chit-chat. Off to marketing meeting.


Thanks for reading, speak soon,



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