The Tempest

The Tempest

Gather round Heartbreak Productions’ stone circle to meet druids, bards and revellers who will perform a mystical rendition of Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest.


Using masks, dance and song this merry band of performing pagans will transport you to Prospero’s magical isle, upon which he crafts a vengeful attack on his usurping kinsmen.


All alone, save for his daughter, Miranda, and two enslaved island inhabitants – Ariel, a powerful spirit and the monstrous Caliban, Prospero commands a storm to sweep his brother onto the island. Battling against Caliban’s treachery, Ariel attempts to bring off Prospero’s master plan for vengeance in return for her freedom and Miranda sees a proper man for the first time…


More than a love story, this outdoor production of The Tempest explores man’s conflict with nature, freedom and power, betrayal and forgiveness. So get involved at the storytelling circle and witness our druids enact Shakespeare’s most memorable adventure.

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